ThomasHere’s therapy for “People on the Go.”

Or for the “Got Up and Went” in San Francisco. Teletherapy comes to the rescue for professionals with challenging schedules discover ways to manage whatever life throws at them (and yes, you, Ingenious Homemaker, are a professional!).

Constant concerns and obligations take away from “YOU TIME.” Is there time for you? Many people who start teletherapy feel like there’s no time to lose, let alone get to an office across town, find parking or the right train, and get up the elevator to – again – wait for it – wait. There’s no waiting in life; there’s just more stuck.

So much goes on that your days blur together. You know you’d be happier if you made changes, but what changes? Who’s got time to figure that out? It is uncomfortable but feels more accessible, even safer to keep things the same.

If there’s no way out of no way, you may feel like you will keep wasting your life feeling unhappy. You get trapped in the spin cycle, trapped and lonely inside negativity and a schedule that won’t let you rest.

The demands keep piling up.

Getting promoted, building a business, starting a family, rearing children – all fall far short of the pinnacle of perfection – said no one, ever. But everyone feels it at one time or another.

“My budget is being cut by how much?” “Twenty-nine hours of labor – no problem!” “Practice, lessons, game, recital, plan vacation, run errands for grandma, argue over who’s going to do what when.” “More, please!” “Keep piling it on – I can take it. Or can I?”

Yeah. That. And you’re supposed to take an hour-plus travel time to talk with some lady in funny clothes who looks like a professor at Hogwarts? (Yes, I love my Edwardian long coat from Italy.) You’ve got to be kidding.

Welcome to the land of perpetual stress and panic.

RosTeletherapy keeps you on the go and moving forward.

Teletherapy drives just enough of a wedge in your day to keep things rolling while you learn to do less but better. No more wash, rinse, repeat. I love to see clients in person, AND I love to provide service in a way that fits your lifestyle – for now – and your schedule. Over the tellie! (Yes! Change is coming!)

I’ve been providing teletherapy for clients in our recent “no-contact” world joyfully and effectively. If you have a phone (good), tablet (better), or laptop or desktop (best), we can turn your world inside out and ease that overstretched feeling. Also, our sessions are confidential – so no worries there.

When it comes to defeating stress, changing mindset, and even overcoming traumas neatly tucked away until too much and too little time on your hands brings it back, I can help. I provide the therapy and teach the skills you need to see patterns you couldn’t get on your own and shed old ways of getting through the day.

I have a track record of helping people become effective communicators and align values and behavior, so they can set the boundaries they need to do less – but better. I’ve helped people realize how respect from others and self-respect grow as they step into their strengths.

Ready to start feeling better? Call, email, or text now and let me know when we can meet by phone for a 20-minute complimentary consultation.

N.B. If you are in a life-threatening or mental health emergency, contact 988 to talk immediately with someone or 911 for help staying safe.