Clinical Hypnosis

286988390When did it become a crime to be sensitive, compassionate, intuitive, and kind?

It feels like others punish you for having sterling qualities. What gives?!

You’re different from everyone else, and that’s often a lonely space – one you don’t deserve. Oddly, insult becomes injury through witless, cruel criticism: “You’re so emotional!” “You’re too sensitive!” “You think too much!” “Let it go.”

No one gets it. You never reached for it.

Somehow, you’re left holding the bag, doing too much work for everyone else.

What I mean is that so often, it falls to Lucky You to take on the emotional labor of others. You’ve done it all your life.

What do you need, however? That never seems to come up. Worse yet, it isn’t even safe to say what you think or feel, not safe to have an opinion – not without a fight or resentment or worse: being dismissed, rejected, zeroed out. Talk about or take what you need? Then somehow, you’re out of character. Out of your lane.

1162914121Here’s to helping others take back what’s rightfully theirs…

…by not receiving it in the first place.

You don’t have to hold the anxiety, the anguish, the anger of others, or a sinking sense that you’ll never fit in, never belong, never find the niche where you can flourish.

Your nervous system is finely tuned. Life handed you gifts, talents, and exquisite sensitivities. No one has the right to distort them, abuse your openness, corrupt your curiosity, or disparage your courage.

But how do I reclaim my Self?

Clinical hypnosis is a method aligned with your sensitivities, your ability to absorb the emotions, intentions, and tenors of people and situations around you.

But what you absorb through hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness – with the help of a trained professional, that is – with my help.

Hypnosis is a safe and complementary, evidence-based practice that can enhance your psychotherapy.

I incorporate it in my clinical work to help your nonconscious mind contact your inner wisdom, affirm what you know to be true, connect with how your body speaks to you, and befriend it – even when you have felt betrayed by it.

People go in and out of hypnosis every day, throughout the day. For some, it is that flow state when time is irrelevant, and all you know is the joy of engagement. For others, it is a gateway to relaxation, making other practices for well-being accessible. And for most of us, it is where the mind goes when we know a route so well, and we can’t remember how we got from Point A to Point B.

1606560358That’s a power that can be harnessed to empower you.

As a state of intentional dissociation, hypnosis allows you to make The Terrifying into a curious place you once visited or turn searing pain into the ruffling of waterfowl as they land gently in a pond.

As for suggestion, no one in a hypnotic state would do something they wouldn’t do in an alert state. Hypnotic suggestions facilitate doing what you already know to do but haven’t done yet. They facilitate doing what you want to do but haven’t been in the right relationship with yourself to follow through.

Whatever the struggle that turns into a stomach in knots, hypnosis can help improve how we understand and treat our bodies, improve how we engage in work and relationships, and help us recover from disturbing experiences.

What a relief to learn how to become a “you-whisperer” and tame the torrent within!

Willing to give it a try? Call me now for a 20-minute complimentary consultation.