1010183719Interfering thoughts or worries keep you stuck.

Nothing seems to work – not toughing it out, pushing through, getting over it, letting go, or self-care, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

OK. You know what it means. But how can you care for yourself when every fiber in your body tells you that nothing can help you through what feels like too much? No amount of care summons up that energy and rhythm you need each day – to drive, take a walk, or even leave the house.

Even when life seems to go well, baseless anger, shame, and powerlessness take over. But there you are, pushing through all the rest or suffering the jellies in your arms, legs, and stomach. It just shoves off the feeling for another day or another hour.

Your friends and family don’t understand and start turning away or getting angry. “Just take a breath,” they say. Yet no amount of deep breathing alone seems to fix the problem. Each day you stitch yourself together just to come apart at the seams later.

Have you heard about some alphabet soup called EMDR?

It abbreviates this mouthful of “what?” Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a well-researched, evidence-based therapy initially developed by Francine Shapiro as a targeted procedure to treat and resolve trauma, panic, and phobias.

EMDR has become a flexible therapy that addresses various issues, including complex trauma, addiction, and pain. It can also help improve concentration and focus for improved performance. It is a therapy that helps retrain your brain.

When I initially heard about EMDR, I thought it was some mumbo jumbo, froofy, you-got-to-be-kidding stuff. But my inner geek doesn’t dismiss facts and results. So back in 2011, I trained in it at the primary level, later refreshed my training, and dove into learning some of its particular uses with master practitioners.

Life happens, so the certification I delayed applying for is in the works – all the better for you, who desperately seeks release from panic, anxiety, trauma, and the unwanted behaviors that can come with these conditions.

1326136970Imagine a life without unnecessary, interfering worries.

Don’t let yourself stay in negativity, fear, isolation, or confusion. I want you to know that even if it feels like you’re going crazy, the fight is inside your brain and what it (mistakenly) believes you need to do to keep going.

Let me help you feel joy, stop worrying all the time, connect to your energy and creativity, and rediscover – or discover for the first time in a long time – what normal feels like again.

With EMDR, I can help you stop imagining and start finding the life you deserve – one with less interference and worries.

Ready to start feeling better? Call, email, or text now and let me know when we can meet by phone for a 20-minute complimentary consultation.