Complex PTSD

1304502952The past makes the present look grim.

You never looked back, and why should you? Now, it’s all about making meaning, connecting, and finding trust with those you love and in your work.

It can feel tough to deal with when too much happens, even when life’s good. Many people with chronically disruptive, even disabling traumatic stress feel like they’ll never break free from a past that won’t rest, no matter how much they accomplish.

What’s the point? It’s hard to look forward to much with the weight of then crushing the now. Sudden surges of emotion keep surprising you. You see yourself doing things you don’t recognize – and not in a good way.

Stuck in worries or assuming the worst, your life may feel like a hollow shell that never fills up.

Trudging through life isn’t working.

So what? Suck it up? If you do nothing, all you seem to look forward to is that numb feeling, physical stress, and days so angry you even startle yourself. Is that supposed to be a superpower?

Anger is too much work, anyhow. It just makes people fear you, not love you. Aren’t love and respect all you want?

No, you’re not simply wounded; you’re becoming one of the walking dead. There is so much dread, fear, strange thoughts, and, too often, a pounding heart and a churning stomach.

To go on means wandering through life, no matter what you achieve.

1910077591Things can get better – and should.

Though you might feel like a failure for needing help, nothing could be further from the truth. What you feel is simply information – and another moment to take away something different, better.

It takes courage to glimpse at what you are going through and ask for help.

Facing just enough of what’s hurting you is something you can handle. You’ve proven it time and again but somehow don’t see it.

Give yourself a break.

Live in the present – positively!

Therapy can help you resolve what keeps you from moving forward. While working with those with complex PTSD, I’ve helped people discover a “normal” connection to a grounded, whole, alive, and safely intimate self. I’ve helped people find a positive, hopeful outlook on life. Couldn’t that be you?

Stop letting anxiety affect how you live and make decisions for yourself. I’ve helped people with complex traumatic stress learn how to calm, befriend, and empower what felt broken within. With new understanding and skills to recover from injuries of the past comes tranquility within and brighter confidence.

Call now for treatment that helps you rise above your challenges and move toward your ideal life. No longer will you be alienated from body and soul. Let a new mindset transform how you find your way through complicated feelings.

Let’s start today with a free, 20-minute phone consultation. You can share what’s going on for you, and we can explore how I can help.

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